Help for Ukraine

We are all aware of what has been happening in the world in recent days. Right now, the most important thing is to provide as much help and support as possible to people whose lives have recently been affected. It is very hard to imagine a situation where we have to fit our entire life into a backpack within just a few minutes. And no one should be indifferent to the suffering of our neighbours.

We call on all our customers, partners, employees, friends and relatives to join the sudden burst of generosity that we have been witnessing lately, and help those affected by the conflict to the best of your ability. 

Today, Batmaid pledges its support for Ukraine and to help those in need. We are well aware that this is only a drop in the ocean, but all together, we can have an impact.

At this moment we commit to:

Rapid employment process for asylum seekers, as well as assistance in obtaining all the necessary documents to legalise their stay. You can contact us at;

Individual assistance to each of our colleagues from Ukraine and their families;

IT assistance to non-profit organisations from our IT specialists as part of our Tech for Ukraine campaign.

If you know someone or an organisation that could use such help, please contact us at

Moreover, if you decide to host a Ukrainian citizen fleeing war under your roof, we will be happy to help you keep your flat or house in order. Just write to us at: - we will organise the necessary assistance. 

We encourage everyone to support local initiatives, to set up donations within your companies, to make your homes and offices available to people in need. Support the verified donations organised by the Polish Humanitarian Action and the Polish Red Cross, or check where a vital fundraising event is organised in your area. A list of organisations helping refugees is available here.

Let’s show our unity in these difficult times.

The Batmaid Team